Car audio system: find the best brands and models in the market

A good car audio system comes in pretty handy in long drives. In order to enjoy it the most, you should take the time to learn about the best brands in the market. Check them out here!

According to Statista, there were 209 million car audio systems installed in vehicles throughout the whole world in 2017 alone. This proves something virtually everyone know: these systems are among drivers’ preferred way to keep distracted whilst on the road – especially when riding long distances.

However, not all car audio systems are the same: the sound quality between brands and models is likely to change. Moreover, some of them have extra features, such as a touch screen system and bluetooth connection, allowing it to connect with devices such as smartphones and tablets. Either way, it can be a tough choice.

car audio system

Are you thinking about having a car audio system installed in your car or updating the one you already have? Then check out our picks among the best brands of the market and make a smart choice:

  • Pioneer Car Audio System

Founded in 1938 by japanese immigrant Nozomu Matsumoto, Pioneer is a worldwide leader in the car audio system market. Even though it had a humble beginning (Matsumoto started off making sound speakers in his garage), nowadays the brand is a global favorite among car owners.

According to specialists, Pioneer created some of the best sound systems in the market in the recent years. Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver is one of them: not only does it provide great sound quality, but it also features a 7″ motorized display. It’s also connected with Siri, which means the driver won’t find it hard to shuffle through his favorite songs even when on the road. You can find it on sale for $399.95

Another car audio system pointed out as a great value choice is Pioneer AVH-501EX. Even if it’s much simpler than the previous model, it also offers a display (6,2 inches) and great sound. On top of that, it’s back-up camera ready. You can find it for $240.00.

  • JVC Car Audio System

First established in Yokohama, Japan in 1927, JVC is another brand that took the car audio system world by storm. Since it also provides professional sound equipments, you can expect nothing less than top notch sound quality from these products.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that JVC’s systems is also among the best ones in the market. As for this year, specialists have been highlighting JVC  6.8″ Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. It features a good sized screen and can be synced with both Android and Apple devices. The manufacturer has also partnered up with Waze to provide real time information about traffic, so that the driver can avoid jams. It can be found for $349.99.

For those looking for a more modest model, they can count on JVC KW-R935BTS. Since it doesn’t feature a dashboard screen, if can be found for around $125. Thanks to bluetooth connection, this car audio system can also be synced with smarphones, allowing the driver to take calls directly from the sound systems. People who still enjoy to craft pendrive playlists, on the other and, will be pleased to know that this car audio system also features USB ports.

  • Alpine Car Audio System

Founded in Germany in the year 1978, Apline Electronics is also one of the most recognized car audio system manufacturers in the U.S. Since it has an American subsidiary since the very same year it was founded, its products are easy to find in stores all over the U.S.

According to specialists, model Alpine CDE-HD149BT is among the best car audio systems in the market. However, it stands out because of a very particular feature: this device has HD radio reception. This means that those who still prefer to listen to regular radio stations when driving will get great quality reception and sound. It also features a premium LCD display and can be found for around $230.

  • Boss Car Audio System

Traffic authorities usually point out that distractions, such as using smartphones and eating while driving, are among the top causes of car accidents in the United States. This means that looking for a car audio system that is intuitive and easy to handle is essential to keep everyone in the vehicle safe.

If that’s your main concern, Boss has the right product for you:  BOSS Audio BV9358B. Specialists have highlighted that this model has the best touch screen in the market, making it easier for the driver to shuffle through songs but still keep his eyes on the road.

But that’s not all there is to this device: it also features a DVD player and bluetooth connection, making it possible to sync the system to mobile devices. Last but not least, the price also stands out: this car audio system can be bought directly from the manufacturer for less than $100.

So if you decide to buy your car audio system from any of these brands be sure you are making a great deal. Here at Pro Car, we offer you componentents from the most reliable car stereo systems brands on the market, so that you can get top-notch sound without surprises.

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