Car Paint tips to make your vehicle look better

The Car paint is a very important part of a vehicle’s looks. Therefore, it should be well taken care of. Check out a few car paint tips to make it last longer, from the repair shop to the streets.

The paint is usually remembered by its power to make a vehicle look newer for longer: nothing makes it look better than a shiny, smooth car body paint. But to make your car really shine there’s so much more than simply paint it.

In order to understand why, it has to be noted that car bodies are made of metal. While this material is known for its resistance, this doesn’t mean it will last forever: over time, the contact with water, chemicals and even the wind might break it down. If this happens, the internal components will be exposed to such elements, damaging the internal parts and requiring frequent repair jobs.

Therefore, it isn’t easy to keep the car paint looking like new for a long period of time.

In order to achieve this, there are a few car paint tips drivers should live by.

  • Before applying the car paint, prep the vehicle

The job of making a car paint last longer starts on the painting process itself. The problem is that this is a long lasting procedure, that can take up to a whole day. This makes car owners want to do it in an inappropriate way, or even skip it altogether. Still, prepping is vital to make the paint look better for longer.

The first step is called cutting. It consists on using an abrasive chemical to remove the thin layers of paint that are already there, spreading it with a clean cloth, in circular moves. Be careful: not all kinds of chemicals are appropriate for every kind of ink and vehicle.

Next, there’s the sanding. As the name says, it consists on using a mechanical sander or a any other abrasive object to remove even more layers of ink, leaving the body in bare metal. It’s essential to allow the new car paint to bond to the vehicle, helping it last longer.

After all, there’s still the priming. It’s a chemical that seals the metallic surface and creates a special layer the ink can bond to. Therefore, the primer must be applied before any layer of paint.

  • Follow all of the car paint manufacturer’s instructions

Both the primer and the ink itself don’t come from the factory ready to use: both of them must be diluted. Every manufacturer points out the product-thinner ratio, a number that must be respected at all times. This is why you should hand-pick the repair shop that will take care of the job: some of them might use too much thinner in order to maximize the ink’s use, even if this hurts the job’s durability.

But that’s not the only manufacturer’s instruction that must be lived by: there are also variables such as the number of coats and the drying period that must be noted. If they aren’t respected, the result of the painting job won’t be as good.

  • Add some kind of coating over the car paint

Even if car paint itself is elaborated to last as long as possible, it can always use some help. This means the owner should top it up with some kind of coating, which creates a protection layer on top of the body.

Among all, protection film is one of the most popular options. It consists on a thin translucent adhesive that prevents the paint from being damaged because of chips, dents and scratches. It can be removed anytime without damaging the vehicle’s body.

The other option is to apply a chemical known as ceramic coating. It’s a liquid substance that protects the body from the contact with corrosive substances, that can damage both the car paint and the body itself. However, it doesn’t offer any protection against scratches and dents.

The good news is that both of them can be combined: the parts that are more susceptible to scratches can be covered on protection film, while the rest can be protected with ceramic coating.

  • Wash your car properly

The debris that accumulate over a vehicle’s body while it’s on the road can be damaging to the car paint. From acid rain to bird poop, all of them tend to corrode the ink.

Fortunately, this is quite simple to avoid: all you need to do is to wash your car periodically. The best way to do it is using a smooth cloth combined with a good quality car shampoo. Finishing it with some polishing and waxing is also a great idea.

  • Drive carefully

Last, but not least, it should be noted that the #1 cause of car paint damage are road incidents, especially when parking. In this case, all you need to do is drive carefully: it’s good both for the car paint and your safety.

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  • Angel Bogart

    Thank you for mentioning that while car paint is really meant to last, applying film with ceramic coating would help protect your paint from both scratches and corrosive substances. Dad would need this extra durable protection for his show car in March. The cars would be driven on rough terrain and subjected to extreme conditions to test how they fare, and this is one good way for his cars to win.

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