Electrical car repair: 6 signs that your vehicle might need it

Knowing when your vehicle needs an electrical car repair is not always easy. The best way to detect malfunction is to keep an eye at the components at all times.

Modern day vehicles depend heavily on electrical systems in order to function properly, since a number of functions depend on these circuits.

On the other hand, electrical malfunctions can be pretty tricky to detect. More often than not, car owners mistake them for problems in the engine or other systems, which makes them take too long to look for an electrical car repair shop.

The problem is that, the more it takes for a vehicle to get repaired, the more the damage will extend. Consequently, it’s more likely that it will be pretty costly to fix – not to mention the hassle of not having a car for a few days.

That being said, a driver should always keep an eye on all of the vehicle’s functions. Check out a few signs that it might need the attention of an electrical car repair specialist:

  • Difficulty starting your car

When someone has trouble starting a car, they are very likely to take it as an engine issue. What most of the people don’t know is that there’s an electrical component behind the spark that gets the vehicle going: the battery.

This means that, if have to keep turning the key several times in order for the car to finally start, there’s probably something wrong with it or it’s related components, such as the cables. Only an electrical car repair specialist can identify and solve this issue.

The good news is that this doesn’t always mean that the battery should be replaced. Sometimes, it’s possible to repair it and make it as good as new.

  • The car starts, but the lights don’t work properly

However, it’s possible that, once you turn the key in the ignition switch, the car starts in a matter of seconds. But, when you’re driving, all the lights begin to dim. This too is a sign of something wrong with the electrical circuits.

In this case, the battery may not be the one to blame. There’s no doubt that a dying one might be behind this kind of issue, but the root might also be loose wires or an alternator belt that isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to.

Once again, a specialist is the one profissional who can say what’s going on, and repair it. Normally, issues with the battery, the alternator, or the voltage regulator are to blame.

  • Your car doesn’t start, and lights don’t work

When a car doesn’t function at all, some people might also blame it on the the engine. But, when the headlights are also dead, it’s actually a sign of an actual electrical problems. Remember: modern cars rely heavily on these circuits. When they fail, it’s not a surprise to have completely dead vehicle.

  • If your car smells burned

This is when most drivers start to get worried: whilst it’s easy to ignore signs as a car that takes too long to start, you cannot look the other way when it smells like something is burning.

The first thing to do when you notice it is to stop driving immediately: otherwise, something might catch on fire, depending on the malfunction. The driver should call a professional and have them take a look at the vehicle before something dangerous happens.

  • Your vehicle’s fuses blow way too often

Fuses are meant to blow. These parts’ role is to prevent a circuit from facing overvoltage. This means that, when the intensity of the electric current is way too intense, the fuse is supposed to melt, in order to interrupt it, preventing further damage. When this happens, all the owner has to do is replace it.

That being said, it’s expected that a car’s fuses blow very now and then. But it’s important to keep an eye on how often this happens: if it’s way too much, it means there’s something generating more energy than the vehicle’s circuits are meant to stand, which is a sign that the car should be examined by an electrical car repair specialist as soon as possible. Remember: this problem tends to get worse with time.

  • The car’s battery is visibly problematic

A car’s battery lasts for more or less 5 years – less if the car is driven in places with a warmer climate often, such as Florida. That being said, a driver should always pay attention to the signs that it’s time to have it replaced.

The most obvious ones are buildup around the piece, not to mention fluid leaks. If the latter is your case, beware: this liquid is corrosive, and is likely to cause damage when in direct contact with the skin.

There are, however, more discrete signs that the battery might be at the end of it’s life, such as it dying for apparently no reason or taking too long to charge. Once again, an electrical car repair specialist will be able to diagnose the situation and advise the owner about the best way to get around it.

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