According to Statista, there were 237.4 car thefts for every 100,000 people in the U.S during the year 2017. Even though it represents some improvement, it’s still a concerning number. This means owners should do everything within their reach in order to protect their property, including having a car alarm system installed.

What is a car alarm system?

A car alarm system works by emitting a high-volume sound, such as a claxon, a vehicle mounted siren, a previously recorded voice alert, the vehicle’s own horn, or a mix of all these, when something triggers it. These triggers can be things such as:

– Someone forcing the car’s handle;
– Someone staying outside the vehicle for too long;
– The trunk being popped by force when the vehicle is locked;
– The windows being broken into.

In addition, a car alarm can turn on the headlights, in order to draw even more attention to the people who are close to it. It also might notify the owner of the incident with a paging system, and even interrupt all of the circuits that are essential for the vehicle to start. In summary, the goal is to make it hard for thieves to succeed in a robbery.

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How to install a car alarm system?

A car alarm needs to be connected with plenty of the vehicle’s system in order to function correctly. This means the installation work can be tricky, and should be left to professionals.

At ProCar, we work with the best car alarm system brands in the market. We also count on qualified professionals that will take good care of your vehicle and guarantee that your alarm will be installed correctly.


What are the advantages of a car alarm system?

When vehicle owners have a car alarm system installed, they usually think of it as a security measure: cars that don’t count on such feature are much more likely to be robbed.

Even if that’s true, that’s not the only advantage: a car alarm can make insurance rates drop dramatically. The logics behind it is simple: the lower the chance of an incident, the cheaper the insurance will be.

But that’s not all. Modern car alarm system can be integrated with other devices, such as a remote start. This means the owner can control multiple features from only one gadget. In some models, a vehicle tracker can also be integrated, meaning that, if the car is robbed anyway, the owner and the authorities will be able to track its location.

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