E-mails, text messages and phone calls. With the hectic lifestyle most people have nowadays, they’re required to be reachable at all times – especially those with demanding jobs. This means many people can’t afford the luxury of stepping away from their phones for long. The good news is that Apple Carplay allows driver to be fully connected without putting them or others at risk. Learn more about this tool:

Apple Carplay: what are the advantages?

The United States traffic authorities say that distracted drivers are the #1 cause of accidents in America. They also point out that texting and driving – not to mention taking calls, checking road maps or picking music – is a main hazard both to the driver himself and third parties.

Apple Carplay exists to change this reality. The system consists of replacing the car’s screen system with a simpler, cleaner iOS design. This means that the driver can do all the tasks he usually does on his phone, but directly on the vehicle’s system.

For example: the Apple Carplay voice assistant is the same one installed in iPhones, Siri. When connected to a vehicle, she can read text messages out loud, reply to them (all the driver has to do is dictate the words), search for things on the internet, look for media and files in the phone’s memory and much more.

Even if the driver prefers not to use Siri, he can do plenty of tasks using the car’s multimedia system – more specifically, the screen. This means that not only does Apple Carplay system make a series of tasks more practical, but also allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road at all times. Consequently, the risk of being in a car accident decreases dramatically.


How to install Apple CarPlay?

Apple Carplay is more than handy: it’s simple to use. All the driver has to do is sync an iPhone to the vehicle using bluetooth. When the connection is complete, the regular car screen theme will be replaced with a version of the iOS system.

Even if this doesn’t require professional help, not all cars can count on a build-in dashboard screen. If that’s the case, the owner should seek professional help to have it installed. The same goes for bad quality screens: some of them have poor image quality, or the touch system isn’t very effective. In this case, the car could use a replacement.

At ProCar, we can help you out with the best Apple Carplay Installation services. We have a team of professionals who can ensure that your vehicle everything needed in order to run Apple Carplay perfectly.

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