Once expensive and therefore rare to see, a Car DVD Player System is something more and more usual. Thanks to the constantly evolving technology, there are plenty of models of car DVD players availables in the market, at many price ranges and models.

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Why having a car DVD Player?

A few years ago, a car DVD system’s functions were limited to simply playing DVDs. But both technology advancements and consumers preferences drove brands to develop more complete devices. This means they offer advantages such as:

– Entertainment for road trips. This is what drives many people to have a car DVD system installed in the first place. Especially when travelling which children, it’s always nice to have a distraction when spending long hours on the road.

– Build-in GPS. A car DVD Player system must have a screen, period. This has given manufacturers the chance to add a lot of features to such devices, one of them being GPS navigation. Depending on where you have the screen installed, the system can also play the role of road assistant.

– USB connection. Even if this device is known as car DVD system, this disk isn’t the only media source supported: a USB stick, such as a flashdrive, can also be used to play music and video. In some cases, it’s also possible to sync a smartphone or a tablet.

– Better value for your car. A car DVD system should be seen as an investment. If you’re willing to let it go when selling your vehicle instead of having it uninstalled, it might come in handy to get a much better resale price.


Car DVD Player: which models are available?

The main aspect that differs a car DVD system from another is where it’s positioned. At Procar, we work with the following models:

Headrest car DVD Player

A headrest car DVD system is especially useful when you’re used to driving with children on the backseat. Since it’s installed behind the front seat headrest, only those on the back can see it. This means the kids can watch cartoons while grown-ups drive.

Overhead car DVD Player

On the other hand, an overhead car DVD system’s screen is positioned on the vehicle’s overhead. This means that, depending on where it’s positioned, everyone can enjoy it.

How to install a car DVD system?

When picking a car DVD system, the two most important things are to choose a model from a reliable brand and to have it installed by someone who knows what they are doing.

At Procar, we can help you out with both. We count on a team of professionals to take care of the car DVD player installation and on a selection of products from the most reliable brands in the U.S market. Pay us a visit and get to know our car DVD system options!

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