Scratches, chips and fading are among drivers’ worst nightmares. Even if the damages to the painting are small, they tend to accumulate over time, resulting in a poorly looking vehicle – unless the owner invests in car wrapping.

Why investing in car wrapping?

Car wrapping consists of applying a vinyl cover on top of the vehicle’s regular painting. It can be translucid and function only as a protection against harmful elements or be used as an aesthetic tool, providing a matte, gloss, semi-gloss, metallic, chrome or even leather-like effect.

This first advantage of car wrapping is that it’s much cheaper than having the whole paint redone – not to mention that it doesn’t reduce the car’s value, unlike the painting. Depending on the vehicle’s situation and on the vinyl cover’s design, the difference might be a good 100%.

Also, while painting is a more permanent job, car wrapping can be changed as the vehicle’s owner wishes. Unline many people think, it doesn’t damage the paint: it keeps it that same way it was when the cover was applied. Consequently, when the time to sell comes, the owner will be able to get a better value for it – it’s like a silicone cover for a cell phone, or a protection for computers.

Nevertheless, whilst translucent or special effect car wrapping are the most popular ones, it’s also possible to have the cover done with a custom design. This is a resource typically used on vehicles that belong to businesses, such as delivery trucks. It can also be used to identify cars that belong to public authorities, such as police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

The good news is that all these benefits can be obtained with very low maintenance: all the vehicle’s owner has to do is wash it properly and periodically, using clean water, detergent and a smooth cloth or sponge – just like a regular car wash.


How to do car wrapping?

Doing car wrapping is much more than simply glueing a sticker. First of all, the vehicle’s surface must be clean, since any debris, as small as they might be, can compromise the looks of the wrap. After that, the vinyl cover must be applied, slowly and carefully. The main goal is to avoid air bubbles – just like dirt, it can make final result look bad.

That said, when it comes to car wrapping, leaving it to professionals is always the best. You can count on ProCar for that: get in touch and get to know what we offer!

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