A dash cam (short for dashboard camera) is a must have when it comes to official vehicles, such as police officer’s and paramedics’. It goes by the name: it’s positioned on top of the car’s dashboard, in order to record all the action that goes on around it.

But not so many people know that civilian vehicles can also take plenty of advantages from having such a device. Check them out next:

Why having a dash cam in your car?

Even if safety is the reason why many people have a dash cam installed in their cars, there’s much more to this device than most of them imagine, such as:

– Record road trip memories. Even if a dash cam usually records what goes on outside of the car, it can also be used to record it inside. This means it’s a way of keeping memories from the good times and road trips.

– Keep an eye on teenage drivers. It’s common that parents be concerned when their teen child starts driving. Fortunately, having a dash cam allows them to keep an eye on the way he or she drives. This means that, if your child takes unnecessary risks at the road, you’ll know.

– Avoid being robbed. If you choose a dashboard cam that turns itself on automatically when it detects movements in or around the car, it can keep you from being robbed: when thieves break in, they’ll be recorded, and the footage can be used as evidence by the police.

– Lower insurance rates. More safety means there’s less chance that you’ll need insurance payments. Consequently, having a dash cam can lower your rates, leaving you with more money to invest on your vehicle.

– Avoid insurance fraud. Unfortunately, crash-for-cash schemes are still common. It consists on deliberately crashing on someone’s car hoping to get a payment by the victim. When your vehicle has a dashboard camera, you can prove that you weren’t on the wrong – therefore, you won’t fall victim to this.

– Have proof in case of an accident. The same goes for real crashes: a car dash cam will capture the moment, making it easier for authorities to know who’s to blame.


How to choose the best dash cam?

The good news is that the times when a dash cam would cost a fortune are definitely gone. Nowadays, you can get a good model of dashboard camera for less than $100. They might even have some special features, such as special sensors that detect motion and even impacts involving the car.

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