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Experts say that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the future. This means that we should expect to see more and more day-to-day use objects connected to the internet, and thus having a lot more features that we’re used to.

Cars aren’t an exception. Currently, it’s already possible to have them connected to the global network, using such connection to add plenty of interesting features to it. One of the tools that allow this to happen is DroneMobile, a smart system that allows owners to control their vehicles from their own fingertips. Check it out:

What is Drone Mobile?

A Drone Mobile is a tool that combines the technology from the Internet of Things with smartphone apps. The idea is to allow vehicle owners to control their cars from their cell phones, making it a simple, but yet very effective tool.

In order to have a Drone Mobile Remote Starter installed, the owner needs to purchase some devices and have it installed in their vehicles. Moreover, Drone Mobile charges a small monthly amount per car in order to pay for the system itself.

But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to stick to it even if it doesn’t work for you somehow: the user is entitled to a free 30-day trial. Also, two of the three plans offered include a lifetime warranty, in case any factory malfunction appears. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about it not being compatible to your car: Drone Mobile works with a stunning 90% of the models in the market.

How is Drone Mobile Remote Starter installed?

Drone Mobile is the kind of feature that can’t be installed at home: the job should be taken care of by a professional. Pro Car is within the list of Drone Mobile’s licensed dealers, being authorized to sell its modules and install them in vehicles. Pay us a visit and know more!


What can Drone Mobile do?

Depending on the devices a vehicle has and the plan the owner has chosen, Drone Mobile can do plenty of functions, such as:

– Remote start;
– GPS;
– Curfew alerts;
– Trip and CSV reporting;
– Alarm system;
– Vehicle status reports.

Remember: all of this is at your fingertips, since all Drone Mobile functions can be controlled from a simple smartphone app. More recently, Alexa and Google Home devices have also become compatible with it.

Apart from being practical, a Drone Mobile Remote Starter system offers plenty of other benefits to the owner. The main one is keeping the vehicle safer at all times, since its position can be tracked, its status can be checked and the alarm system will be on whenever the owner wants it to be. This might even lead to more affordable insurance rates, since the chance of robberies declines dramatically.

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