Head and tail lights are a must have component on each and every vehicle. Apart from allowing the driver to actually see the road – even during foggy or rainy days, and at night time – it draws attention from other drivers, so that they see another vehicle coming. This means that head and tail lights are an essential road safety component.

But this doesn’t mean they have to look boring, or that it should be improved in order to enhance safety. Learn more about how to get it done next:

What is head and light tint?

Light tint is a simple procedure: the case where the vehicle’s bulbs stay are removed and receive a fine layer of ink. Depending on the tone applied, the tinting procedure will provide a different shade, or even enhance the one already used.

What are the advantages of light tint?

Many people think that head and tail light tint is a mere aesthetic solution. They couldn’t be more wrong: it has more to offer. Check it out:

– Better safety. Like we said before, bright, attention-drawing lights are essential to drive safely, especially during the night or when there’s bad weather going on. This means that when light tint is used in order to make a light more colorful, it might actually keep you safer on the road.

– Make your car look better. Even if head and light tinting can increase safety, there’s no denying that light tint can also improve your vehicle’s design: apart from making lights more colorful, they can also make the cases look differently – and more modern.


What precautions must be taken with light tint?

Just like most of auto service tasks, car ight tinting has to be done carefully: there are a number of precautions that must be taken. First of all, the ink must be applied correctly. If not, it could compromise both the vehicle’s looks and safety, since it could make lights less bright than it should be. After that, it must dry completely, so that the final result isn’t compromised. This usually means that the vehicle should be left overnight at the repair shop where the service is done.

Last but not least, the owner should be careful not to break the law: certain kinds of lihht tint aren’t allowed. That’s usually the case when it turns the lights too opaque, compromising both the driver’s and third parties’ road safety.

All of this means that head and tail lights tinting shouldn’t be left to amateurs. At Procar, we count both on professionals and the correct equipments to take care of your light tint. Get in touch and learn more!

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