Car Hid Lights have become quite popular in the recent years. Not only are they an affordable option, but also studies have proved that drivers at vehicles that count on such lighting options have a better, clearer view of the road. This means a quicker reaction in case of accidents, causing them to be less harmful.

Check out a few useful information about Hid Lights and how to have in installed:

Hid lights for your car: what are the advantages?

Even though hid lights have become especially popular in the last few years, this technology isn’t as new as many people think. In fact, it dates back to 1991, when it came build-in on the BMW 7-series.

The difference between them and halogen bulbs is that hid lights don’t rely on filaments to provide the electrical energy necessary for it to function: they use gas instead. This is why hids are also know as xenon headlights.

This small difference has a huge impact on how this headlight works. First of all, since there’s no filament to be degraded over time, hid lights’ lifespan is a lot longer than other bulbs. Not only does this make it a more affordable option, but also greener – after all, it will take a while for it to be replaced.

Also, unlike halogen bulbs, hid lights offer a kind of light included in the blue spectrum. Since it’s not yellowish, the human eye sees it in a way similar to sun light. This means that xenon headlights provide the driver a better view of the road, which helps avoiding accidents of all sorts.

Hid Lights Consume

Even if some people think it’s the opposite, hid lights consume much less energy than other kinds of bulbs – the difference might be up to 25%. Consequently, using xenon headlights isn’t as demanding on the battery and the overall electrical parts as other options.

Lastly, having hid lights is permitted by the U.S traffic authorities. This means it won’t get the driver a ticket or give him trouble with car insurance companies.


How to install hid lights on the car?

First of all, the driver has to make sure to get good quality lights, from reliable brands. Choosing models that cost much less than the market average might bring future problems.

After that, it’s fundamental that a qualified professional takes care of the task. In order to change from halogen to hid lights, some electrical work is required, which is a job for someone who know what they are doing.

If you’re looking forward to counting on all the advantages offered by hid lights, count on ProCar. We have a team of professional ready to provide your vehicle with top notch care.

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