Motorcycles are much more vulnerable to robberies than cars. They are, after all, much smaller, and, therefore, more exposed to thieves. Consequently, security measures taken should be a much bigger worry for the owner when compared to cars.

The good news is that there are options to keep your vehicle safe. One of the most interesting ones is having a motorcycle alarm installed, in order to keep criminals away.

Why installing a motorcycle alarm?

It’s estimated that millions of dollars worth of bikes are stolen every year in the United States. This means owners should do everything within their reach to keep their vehicles safe. Check out a few advantages of having an alarm installed in your motorcycle:

Security. A motorcycle alarm plays a very loud sound whenever someone tries to force it somehow, or even violate the trunk; some models will even active when there’s suspicious motion around the vehicle. This tends to scare thieves away and drive them to look for other targets.

Lower insurance rates. This advantage leads to another: lower insurance rates. The reason behind it is that the higher the risk of robbery, the more the company will charge to keep you covered. Since a motorcycle alarm tends to keep thieves away, the risk of having your vehicle robbed is much lower.

– Know where your motorcycle is at all times. Some motorcycle alarm models include a GPS tracker. This means that if you lend it or someone steals it, you won’t have a hard time trying to locate it.

– Count on remote start. When it comes to cars, many people have a remote start device installed. So, why not doing the same on your motorcycle? Not only is this possible, but it’s also possible to choose a motorcycle alarm kit that includes this feature. This means you can have it started with the touch of a button.


What other security measures are necessary?

As effective as a motorcycle alarm is, you should also incorporate some other security measures in your routine in order to avoid having your motorcycle robbed. The most important one is not to leave it in unmonitored sites: the alarm is only effective if if draws people’s attention.

How to install a motorcycle alarm?

Just like a car equivalent, a motorcycle alarm installation requires some electrical work. This means that the task should be assigned to a professional. The good news is that we have a qualified team here at Procar: pay us a visit and get to know what we offer!

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