According to Statista, during the year 2006 there were over 5,000 deaths all over the United States caused by motorcycle accidents. Most of them happened during the night, when road conditions are worse and visibility tends to be severely compromised.

The good news it that it’s perfectly possible to ride safe at any time of the day or the night. The most important thing is to count on good quality and functional motorcycle lights, so that the rider sees what’s on the way and that other drivers notice him.

Motorcycle lights: which kinds are necessary?

Not so many people know that motorcycle lights aren’t just one kind of device: there are different ones, and each has its function. Some of the necessary ones are:

– LED lights

Car and motorcycle i tend to rely more and more on LED lights: even if incandescent ones have their advantages too, LED bulbs are much brighter, last longer and consume less energy. Therefore, they are much more practical and offer a substantial improve on the rider’s road safety.

– Brake lights

In order to provide better road safety, other drivers must know that you just hit the brakes. Consequently, you need motorcycle lights that respond quickly and look different from the position ones. This means having good quality brake lights installed – usually red.

– High beams

Even if this kind of motorcycle lights must be used carefully in order not to compromise road safety, they come in pretty handy to riders – especially when at roads that have plenty of bends.


How to have motorcycle lights installed?

Just like in a car, motorcycle lights installation involves electrical work. After all, the bulb must be connected to the circuits in order to function properly. This means the job should never be left to someone who has no clue about it.

How to ensure good quality motorcycle lights?

But professional installation isn’t all: the first step in order to get perfectly functioning motorcycle lights actually is having good quality bulbs. They are, after all, the device responsible for a good share of the rider’s safety, especially during the night. This means they should be purchased both from reliable stores and consolidated brands.

Here at ProCar, we can help you out with both: count on us to get top notch motorcycle lights, have them installed by professionals and rider safer at any time of the day or night.

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