Motorcycles, just as cars, require the owner to be careful. But it doesn’t just mean riding carefully, but also taking care of the vehicle’s appearance: unfortunately, it’s common for small damage to occur at the road.

The good news is that there’s a way to protect both of them from such consequences. When it comes to bikes, the major option is to invest on a motorcycle wrap.

What is a Motorcycle wrap?

As the name says, motorcycle wrap ping consists on a vinyl layer that is put outside the bike, on top of the original paint. This means the vehicle will be protected from dents and scratches whilst on the road and even when it’s parked.

What are the advantages of motorcycle wrap?

Protection is the main reason why owners have a motorcycle wrap installed on their vehicles: there are many other advantages when it comes to this, but that’s not all. Check a few of them out:

– It’s reversible. If the owner wishes, he can change the motorcycle wrap any time he likes, without a hassle. The reason behind this is that the vinyl layer can be easily removed, causing no damage to the paint underneath it. It may (or may not) be replaced by another one.

– Long lasting. Even if motorcycle wrap can be replaced or removed easily, it doesn’t mean it’s weak: in fact, when well taken care of, it can last for years.

Motorcycle wrap allows customization. Just like a car wrap, it can be made with a custom design. This means there’s the possibility both to improve the vehicles looks in a simple way and protect its surface with a single solution.

– You can’t tell the difference from paint. Another great advantage of motorcycle wrapping is that it looks just as good as regular paint, which means it’s the best option to hide some small damage.

– Cheaper than paint. Also, having your motorcycle wrapped will cost you much less than have it painted. But, in order to ensure a good result, the task must be taken care of by a professional.


Motorcycle wrap: how to do it?

The first think to have in mind is that motorcycle wrap is more complex than doing the same on a car. The reason why is that the bike’s pieces are smaller, and the vinyl cover must be tailor made for each one of them.

In order to avoid issues, the best option is to leave it to a professional. Get in touch with us at ProCar and get to know our motorcycle wrap solutions!

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