Pretty much every phone has a navigation system. It helps out when you need to walk to places you’re not familiar with and even when taking public transportation. When it comes to driving, it’s also useful, but it gets a little tricky: the driver has to keep an eye on the road and another on the phone – which, according to the United States traffic authorities, is one of the main causes of accidents in the country. Fortunately, there’s a solution: having a dashboard navigation system in your car.

Why having a car navigation system?

Many people think that, since smartphones count on navigation system apps, there’s no reason to have a different one installed on a car. But there are plenty of reasons to do so, such as:

– Never be late because you got lost again. A good car navigation system guides you through all the route, not letting you take a wrong turn or miss your exit. It also lets you know if there are any traffic jams or accidents along your selected route, keeping you from being late because of road issues.

– Save fuel. Whenever possible, a navigation system puts you on the shortest route there is, which helps saving fuel. But keep in mind that, because of the traffic conditions, the GPS might advise you to take a longer, but faster, way. Anyway, the choice is always up to the driver.

– Better road safety. When using a smartphone’s navigation system, a driver has to takes his eyes from the road a few times. Even if it’s only for seconds, it might cause serious car crashes. On the other hand, when the system is on the dashboard, it’s possible to follow the GPS route and be careful on the road at the same time.

– Better sale value. Not all vehicles count on a factory installed navigation system. This means this update can help you get a better value for your car.


How to install a car navigation system?

If you’re interested on having a navigation system on your car, you need two things: a dashboard screen and a GPS. The latter is responsible for pinpointing your location at all times and putting you on the best route to wherever you need to be. This means that some electrical work will be necessary.

In order to avoid problems and have your sistem working perfectly at all times, you should count on professionals. Pay us a visit at Procar and check our navigation system options out!

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