Daily commuting can be a hassle: after all, spending a few hours in a car every day is not fun. Good news is there’s a way of making it better: getting a great car sound stereo system.

Even though many people think it consists solely on a stereo, it’s actually divided into three different sections: source, preamp and amplifier. It’s true that nowadays build-in car sound systems are pretty decent, but you can always make it better.

Here at Pro Car, we offer you componentents from the most reliable car stereo systems brands on the market, so that you can get top-notch sound without surprises. Check a few of our services out:

Complete car stereo sound systems

Car sound systems have been around for as much as vehicles themselves. It’s safe to say they have evolved together: a few decades ago, it would be unimaginable that there would be solutions such as bluetooth connections and mobile phone integration around.

Pro Car is proud to offer the finest when it comes to car stereo systems. We can help you choose the best pieces of equipment to your car and have it installed to perfection, so that you and your family can enjoy some great music while riding together.

Car amplifiers

Not a lot of people know it, but car amplifiers and speakers are different. As the name suggest, amplifiers do more than just playing music: it amplifies the sound, seriously improving its quality. Therefore, if you want top-notch sound quality in your car, getting a good amplifier is the way to go.

Once more, you can count on Pro Car to make your car sound the best.


Car stereo installation

But that’s not all: we also offer individual pieces of equipment in case you just want to boost the sound system your vehicle already has.

The most important part is having a good car stereo. In the end, this is the whole system’s heart: it provides the signal that makes the speakers play the music. Good news is that all the driver needs to do is push a few buttons at the dashboard.

Car speakers

After the stereo sends the signal, there’s another equipment that actually plays the music: car speakers.

Even though they usually come build-in from the factory, their quality isn’t always the best. For this reason, many people decide to go for an update. You can count on ProCar for that: we work with the best car speakers brands. Apart from easy, car stereos that are sold today are packed with advanced technology. This means you can have it paired with your cell phone, take calls, have it activated with your remote start device and more.

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