Pretty common among emergency first responders (police officers, paramedics, firefighters and such), a strobe light can be pretty useful for an average driver. Since it makes a vehicle much more noticeable, a strobe light is s very important in situations such as accidents or bad weather.

Although many drivers think of having this feature on their vehicles, they don’t always know there are rules for it, and that it mustn’t be used in some situations.

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Can civilians use a strobe light?

The short answer is yes, strobe lights can be used by people other than professional first responders. However, it must be noted that it can’t be used on certain situations.

First of all, civilians should avoid installing red and blue strobe light. These are the colors used by police officers and paramedics in order to let drivers know they need to pass. If a civilian uses them, they could be mistaken for an officer’s vehicle.

Sometimes, authorities also use strobe light to show that there has been an accident on a part of the road, and that drivers should look for other routes. In this case, civilians should’t use them at all – authorities might even ask people to have them turned off.


What are the advantages of a strobe light?

Even if there are restrictions to the use of strobe light, it can come in pretty handy in a number of situations. A farmer, for example, can have them installed on the vehicle they use to monitor their property. Since they aren’t in a public road, there’s not a problem with this.

Strobe light is also used for aesthetics, especially among car collectors and enthusiasts: during events, such as car shows, they can make a vehicle much more attractive. Again, as long as it doesn’t happen in a public road or creates safety issues, authorities won’t ask the owner to turn it off.

How to install a strobe light?

Nowadays it’s possible to buy a strobe light kit over the internet and install it at home, after watching some tutorials. But it doesn’t mean this is the best option: it’s always better to have a professional take care of the job.

If you’re interested on having strobe lights installed in your vehicle, come talk to us at ProCar. We offer a number of solutions to drivers who want to update their cars, make them look special and adapt them for certain jobs. Get in touch and get to know what we offer!

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