Car window tint is very popular these days: it’s hard to see a vehicle with 100% see-through windows. Some models even have the tint previously installed in the factory. If that’s not your car’s case, you can count of ProCar to get great and long-lasting window tint on your vehicle’s windows.


A car window tint is much more than mere aesthetics: if offers actual benefits both to drivers and passengers. Check out a few of them:

– Protection from the sun: car window tinting filters dangerous sun radiation, which can cause skin cancer and other diseases.

– Car’s componentes look good for longer: purchasing a car is an investment – after all, you want to get the best price at resell, right? Having its windows tinted is a great way of protecting your investment, since it protects materials such as leather, plastic and wood from all the harm caused by the sun.

– Temperature always under control: some days are so hot that having the AC at the maximum seems not to be enough. Fortunately, car window tint can help you out: it can reduce internal temperature up to 65%.

– More privacy: does the thought of passers-by checking out your car interiors make you uncomfortable? If it does, car window tinting is the way to go: not only does it block sun rays, but also it makes it harder for third parties to see what’s inside. This means more privacy and protection from thieves.

– Protection from shattered glass: nobody wants to be in an accident, but it might happen to anyone. This is why you should always take measures to make your vehicle safer. Since car window tint doesn’t allow shattered glass to spread, it won’t hurt the people who are inside in the event of an accident.


How to get a car window tinted?

Getting a car window tinted is more complex than most people think. Before applying the actual tint, it’s necessary to have the glass cleaned to perfection: any kind of debris, as small as they might be, can compromise the result. It’s also essential to have patience and attention to detail, since window tinting mistakes might allow air bubbles to form, which will compromise the car’s looks.

Get your car window tint at ProCar

When getting car window tint, counting on professionals is always the way to go. Here at ProCar, we not only offer great quality tint, but also experts that will take care of all the installation steps, so that you can enjoy all the advantages this product has to offer, minus the stress.

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