6 tips to park your car in no time

Tools such as a rearview camera and additional mirrors can make parking a whole lot easier. Keep reading and learn how to stop seeing this moment as a nightmare.

According to INRIX, Americans spend a shocking 17 hours a year looking for parking spaces. For some people, this task can be as stressful as getting around during rush hour, or even worse, especially at the country’s largest cities, such as New York and Los Angeles.

There’s, however, something that can be an even larger source of stress: the parking process itself, especially when it comes to parallel parking. After all, bumping into somebody else’s car or even damaging yours can become a heck of a headache, especially among newbie drivers.

The good news is that things don’t have to be that away: there are plenty of things you can do to park in no time. Check out a few tips for that next:

  • Consider to have a rear view camera installed

Apart from other things, technology can be pretty useful when it comes to making parking easier and safer. All you need to do is to have a rear view camera installed in your vehicle: this small yet powerful device will let you know whats your rear situation through a dashboard screen. This means that the chances of you bumping into another vehicle are drastically reduced.

It should also be noted that these cameras can be used in other ways apart from parking. A car dashboard camera, for example, isn’t installed at the rear, but at the from of the vehicle. This means it will tape the road as you drive around, decreasing the chances that you’ll be robbed or that somebody will purposely crash with you and take advantage of it. It’s also a nice way to keep memories of road trips.

  • Adjust your mirrors accordingly

Every car should have at least three mirrors: one on each side and at the middle. But it should be noted that the mere presence of these objects will do nothing for you if they aren’t adjusted like they should be.

According to experts, side mirrors should be adjusted so that whoever is in the driving position is able to barely see the sides of the car. Keep in mind that, even if the driver’s side is pretty easy to adjust, the passenger’s side will probably require assistance.

The good news is that the rear view mirror is even easier to adjust: move it until it allows you to see the windshield in the back without moving your head. This guarantees you’ll be able to see what’s going on around you in the road without leaving your natural driving position, which comes in pretty handy when parking.

  • Install extra mirrors

For some reason, a driver might find it difficult to get what’s going on around them with the factory installed mirrors only. When this happens, there’s a simple and inexpensive solution you can use: having some extra mirrors installed. They will give you a better notion of the space around your vehicle, which can be a considerable confidence boost when parking and doing difficult maneuvers in general.

  • Choose a proper parking space

This might seem way too obvious, but if you pick a parking space where your car simply won’t your parking mission will have to be aborted. Once again, a camera can be useful: it will let you know immediately if the spot you chose isn’t suitable for your car. In this case, you just get out of there and find yourself a new one.

  • Know when and how to maneuver

You can find a perfect spot to park your car, but if you do the necessary maneuvers in the wrong way or at the wrong time, the procedure might be ruined. Therefore, you should always practice the way to position your vehicle, so that parking doesn’t take you forever.

Once again, having a rear view camera might be exactly what you need in order to park nice and fast. Since it shows you your vehicle’s position in real time, it keeps you from moving it in the wrong way, which speeds up the parking process.

  • Make sure your lights are working

Last, but not least, it should be considered that, even if some people think parking in broad daylight is already challenging, it can get even harder in some situations. Parking at night or when there’s a heavy fog, for example, tend to be a lot harder.

The good news is that there’s a simple way to mitigate such scenarios: make sure your headlights are in good shape. If they are, they’ll make a lot easier for you to see where you’re going. As a result, the chances of you doing the wrong maneuvers or even bumping into someone else’s vehicle are drastically decreased.

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