How to protect car paint and make it last longer: 5 pro tips

Knowing how to protect car paint and make it last longer means saving your hard earned money for something else. Keeping it showroom-new is easier than one might think.

Who doesn’t love a mirror-gleam car paint? Car lover or casual driver, everybody loves to see their very own reflection on a totally flawless car body.

The problem is that, from the very minute you leave the dealership with your brand new vehicle, it starts being exposed to several elements that have plenty of potential to ruin that perfect car paint, such as UV radiation, acid rain and bird droppings, to name a few. So, do you just drive around and hope for the best? Answer is: no! There are a few things everyone can do to keep a car paint looking brand new for a lot longer.


When it comes to keeping a car paint flawless, everything sums up to avoiding degrading factors. There are, however, a few techniques in order to do that. Check a few of them out:


Your drivers ed teacher was right: driving safely is better for everyone involved, your car paint included. That is because, when you expose yourself to risky situations on the road, you might also have to deal a real driver’s nightmare: scratches on your previously flawless automobile.

That being said, the first step towards keeping your car paint showroom-perfect is driving safe. Also, be careful when parking – specially when doing parallel parking on the opposite side of the drivers’, considering that you might not be able to see the whole extension of the vehicle at all times.


Finding a parking space under the shade on a hot summer day might be as hard as running a marathon. But it sure pays off, since it protects your joy and pride from one of the most dangerous elements to the paint: the sun.

The blame is mostly on the UV radiation. Whilst UVA is the most dangerous one to the human skin, UV is so intense that it might create lighter spots on your vehicle. That happens because car manufacturers still haven’t been able to create a polisher or a wax that protects the paint properly. So, in the meantime, park under the shade whenever possible.

You should, however, avoid parking close to blossoming lime trees. Remember: this fruit is acidic, which means your car will be exposed to such substances when parked close to them.


Apart from UV radiation, acidic substances also pose a great danger to car paint perfection. That happens because low pH substances slowly corrode the vehicle’s surface, which usually leads to spots.

Also, keep in mind that, whilst rains is the most commonly known threat, there’s another fairly common one, that, unfortunately, is widely underrated: bird drops. Yes, they are acidic too, and do a lot more that just being a pain.

That being said, washing your car periodically is another great way of keeping it with brand new looks for longer, since it eliminates all these substances that might do any harm to your pride and joy.

The more you drive your car, the more often you should wash it. Most experts agree that doing it once a week usually does the trick.


Thing is, just washing isn’t enough: it has to be done right. And, according to experts, this means steering clear from machine washes. As practical and easy as they seem, they also pose a threat to a car’s paint. That happens because most of them use brushes that are inappropriate, and end up forming invisible scratches that might become harmful as time passes.

This means that the best way to have your vehicle clean is using a good quality shampoo paired with a soft cloth. If you’re in a hurry, you might as well use a pressure washer, but make sure to keep a reasonable distance from the car, since excess pressure is also harmful to your car’s paint.

To keep your car always beautiful and clean, nothing better than relying on a Car Detailling service.

But do you know what is a Car Detailing?

Getting your car detailed means a thorough cleaning of your vehicle with specialized tools and products. Car Detailing involves cleaning and restoration in order to improve the condition and finish of the car. The car detailing process typically does not include corrective action such as major body shop repairs, but may be limited to some paint restoration via a rotary polisher to eliminate little marks in the paint.


More os less 20 years ago, car makers started to sell all their vehicles with a factory clear-coat layer. This means that there’s some extra protection on top of the paint, which is pretty useful to keep it looking new for longer.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wax it sometimes – especially if you expose your automobile to harsher conditions, such as a lot of rides under the rain or in the desert. This substance prevents corrosive substances from sticking to the vehicle, meaning they are easier to remove and are less damaging to the paint. A car polish is another great way of keeping your car paint shiny and brand new, but it has to be done properly: always use a soft cloth and spread the polishing fluid in circles.

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