Motorcycle Alarm
Motorcycle Thefts Are Way, Way Up

Pro Car Sound And Security will get your Motorcycle protected! 

Motorcycle theft continues to increase every year. An interesting fact is that many victims of motorcycle theft are under the impression that simply because they have factory alarm, they have an good alarm. Unfortunately for them, and the thieves know it, that simply isn’t the case.

What you need in today’s world is a real motorcycle security system.
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Motor Cycle Wraps
Distinguish Your Ride

Pro Car Sound And Security can wrap your motorcycle with a color change wrap. Why paint your motorcycle when you can wrap your vehicle with one of our many colors, textures and styles.

We have motorcycle wrapping films available in gloss, matte, metallic, or carbon fiber.

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Procar green motorcycle underglow

Motorcycle Lighting 
Be Different

Motorcycle LED lighting has become more popular than ever at the local hangouts & bike shows.

With the latest technology advances in LED lighting, your able to achieve virtually any color combination on the fly with a very low current draw.

Also the LED lights we utilize are waterproof & very resilient to ensure a long life for many years down the road.
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