Remote Start: 8 amazing advantages of this device

A car with a remote start is the kind of thing that makes your life easier no matter what. Check out a few advantages that you can get out of this amazing feature.

Suppliers estimate that something between a million and 1,2 million remote start devices are sold annually all over North America. Considering how it makes drivers’ lives easier on every way, that’s absolutely no surprise. Once you get it, you don’t know how to live without it!

As the name suggests, a remote starter is a device that allows a vehicle to be started without the drive being physically present. It consists of a component attached to the ignition switch. Since it contains a radio receiver, it can get commands from a paired device. Therefore, it’s able to start the car without the actual key being turned.

As basic as it might seem, this simple feature offers a lot of benefits for car owners. Check a few of them out:

1 – Any car remote start is super simple to use

The remote start device that is paired to the radio receiver looks – and works – just like an alarm system device. All the driver has to do to make it work is push a button within the working range, which is informed by the manufacturer. It is as simple as that!

2 – A remote start can be integrated with an alarm system

Unfortunately, soaring crime rates make having a car without an alarm system these days downright unthinkable. The good news is that you can have it integrated with your remote start feature, which means you can control both from only one device.

3 – Remote start warms up winter mornings

Massachusetts’ winters can be brutal. Ten out of ten people dread all the work you have to do in order to get your car working before you head to work on a January morning – not to mention how long it takes for the heater to actually kick in.

Good news is: with a remote start, winter mornings suffering is over. Once you have it installed, you can start your vehicle without leaving the inside of your home, a few minutes before you actually need to drive it. During that time, not only its interior will get climatized, but also all the ice on the windshield will melt. You can kiss your ice scraper goodbye!

4 – And summer days fresher

While freezing cold winter mornings can be harsh, summer heat can be equally harsh – especially when you have to park your car under the 12pm sun. But, once you have a remote start device installed, your life will change forever: just as you can remotely turn the heater on during winter, you can do so with the AC on summer. Save the 105-degree weather for the afternoons by the beach!

5 – The remote start puts your vehicle at your fingerprints
Technology has also revolutionized remote start devices: the top notch models can be controlled from an smartphone app. This means you can choose the temperature inside of the vehicle, if the heated seats will be on or not, if you want lights on or off and much more. It’s all on your fingertips.

6 – Know where your vehicle is at all times
Modern remote car starter devices might also include a GPS feature, that can also be controlled from your phone. This means that, if you ever lend your vehicle to anyone, you can always know where it its – which comes in pretty handy if you have teenage kids.

This feature also ends a drama that most drivers will face at least once in a lifetime: not having a clue where your car is parked. Just grab your phone and check it – no more wandering around the parking lot with a bag full of groceries

7 – A remote starter usually has a warranty
As pretty much all car products in the market, when you have a remote start installed you automatically get a warranty period. This means that if anything seems odd during that time frame, you can go to the car shop that got the service done and have them check it. If it’s a factory defect, you’ll have it repaired for free – or even get a brand new one with no cost, depending on what’s wrong with it.

8 – Get the best resale value for your vehicle
It doesn’t matter how much you love your car: sooner or later, you’ll get yourself a new one. Since it can be pretty costly, you’ll probably do everything you can to make it easier on your pocket, including selling your current vehicle for the best price you can get.

There’s a lot that can be done in order to make the most out of your car, such as not waiting too long before you resell it, driving safe and having a technical inspection done every once in a while. But having a remote car starter installed is also comes in handy: it’s obvious that a vehicle that already has this technology is worth more than another one that doesn’t.

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