Front & Back Up Camera

A back-up camera for your vehicle will give you a clear view of what’s behind you.

It’s one of the smartest safety options you can choose! Your back-up camera from Pro Car Sound & Security will allow you to avoid any hazards that might be in your path and make parallel parking a whole lot easier.

Pro Car Sound & Security features a variety of back-up cameras including models that easily integrate into your factory or aftermarket screen and rear-view mirror options.
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Mirror Backup Camera 

Opposed to what many people think, backup cameras are not only connected on the head unit displays. 

This Backup Camera is installed on your mirror and offers a great rear view that will allow you to avoid everything that may come on your way.

Find out more about our different options of cameras.

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Backup & Front Sensors
Make safety a priority

Safety all around you!
By installing Backup and Front Sensors you can greatly reduce the chance of accident – as you approach an object the alarms become more insistent within the vehicle. These are great for every driver and a must have!

Give yourself peace of mind: Our Backup and Front Sensors can help avoid accidents and help you park safely.

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