Procar anytime backup 35

Front & Rear Backup Cameras
Give yourself a clear view of what’s Around you.

Most vehicles on the road are not equipped with cameras. The good news is that you do not have to wait until you buy a new vehicle as Pro Car Sound And Security can install quality front and rear cameras. Did you know that owning one or both reduces stress when reversing, and can prevent major damage?

A vehicle camera will also let you see a wide field of vision you would otherwise not be able to see with conventional mirrors. In a recent study, over half of drivers equipped with cameras avoided hitting stationary object placed around the vehicle when they weren’t looking.

We can even integrate the screen into the factory LCD screen for seamless factory integration if your vehicle has one. And if it not equipped with a factory screen we have several solutions! Speak with one of our experts to see what solutions are best for you.
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