What’s the difference between car wax and car polish?

What’s the difference between car wax and car polish? If you’re one of the many people who don’t know the answer, keep reading and learn more about it right now.

Even if cars are made to last for several years, they start to show some sign of usage from the very first time they are driven. This means that they are vulnerable to imperfections such as dents and scratches, even if you don’t get involved in any serious crashes or other incidents.

The good news is that there are several products in the market that are made to protect your car from such damage, or at least make them harder to see. Since everybody loves driving a perfectly shiny and brand new looking vehicle, most of the owners spend some money on that.

The problem is: not many people know what’s the difference between car wax and car polish, and both are widely sold both on the United States and worldwide. This confusion has reached a point where manufacturers will sell one, but name it as the other!

Want to learn more about the car wash vs car polish battle? Then keep reading: this post will teach you everything you need to know in order to distinguish one from the other.

What’s car wax?

As the name says, car wax is nothing more than a wax, that can be plant based or synthetical. According to experts, there’s nothing better than Brazilian wax, also known as carnauba wax. Apart from nice looking, it’s water resistant, meaning it will stick to your vehicle’s body even after heavy rain or snow, and it’s not modified or damage by heat, which means that it will also survive the warmest of summer days – as a matter of fact, it only dissolves when exposed to temperatures superior than 180 degrees fahrenheit.  And, depending on how you use your vehicle, you should wax it anything from 2 to 4 times a year. That’s how long lasting it is!

What is car wax for?

Apart from creating the glossy looks everybody loves, car wax helps you keep your vehicle free from scratches. The reason behind this is the fact that such substance creates a protective layer on top of the metal, meaning that it’s harder for an impact to create any kind of damage.

It’s important to note that, even if many people think otherwise, car wax is actually quite easy to apply: all you need is a good one and a soft cloth. But if you just don’t feel like taking care of the task, you can always delegate it to a professional.

What about car polish?

In terms of appearance, the car wax vs car polish clash ends up in a draw: both of them will make your vehicle look fantastic. But this doesn’t mean they are the same – as a matter of fact, chemically, they are pretty much opposites.

The reason behind this is the fact that, even if it might come as a surprise to many people, car polish is an actual abrasive. But, hold your horses: it’s a mild one, which means there’s no need to worry about getting your vehicle’s body damaged. The abrasion is just enough to hide imperfections on the surface, such as small dents and scratches. This means your vehicle will look much better, shinier and, of course, brand new, like you’re taking it from the dealership for the first time.

What’s the difference between car wax and car polish?

After this explanation, you might already have the difference between car wax and car polish figured out: while the first is a protector, the latter only acts in order to hide damage and improve the vehicle’s looks.

This, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t any similarities between them. The most important one is that both must be applied correctly in order for the driver to actually see it’s results. That means the vehicle must be clean (as a matter of fact, the best moment to apply both of them is right after a car wash) and a clean cloth must be used, in order not to damage the body.

Can I use car wax and car polish together?

Since both car wax and car polish offer plenty of advantages, many people think of using one on top of the other. The bad news is that this won’t work: only one of them can be applied on the same part of the body at any given moment.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the best of both worlds. Experts advise that, because of the difference between car wax and car polish, the latter should be applied on the parts that are less vulnerable to damage, such as the roof. The first one, on the other hand, should be present at the parts that are more likely to suffer scratches and dents, in order to keep them protected at all times.

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